About Us

Nehemiah Builds facilitates an environment for God to work. 

We plant seeds of time, talent, and treasure in the communities where we harvest value so that our neighbors see God’s love in action.

We create unique partnerships in every community, knowing that every community is distinct and has unique needs.



We build and restore hope to help people realize their full potential.



Our mission is to combat the effects of fatherlessness by creating a ministry that fathers children.



Strategy –  Intentional in our actions and unmatched in creativity, with a clearly defined purpose.

Trust – Inspirational and trustworthy in every interaction, holding each other accountable by giving and receiving feedback.

Integrity – Do the right thing all the time, remain calm and candid when challenged, humbly leading by example.

Legacy – Leave a legacy of values, creating lasting infrastructure, environmental beauty, and human character.

Love – The greatest of our values is love – to love our neighbor as ourselves. Leave the world a better place, share hope and compassion.


“Be STILL and know that I am God.”
Psalm 46:10